Airborne LiDAR


The Earth Observatory of Singapore has developed its capability of aerial acquisition of LiDAR data (Airborne-LiDAR). The Centre for Geoohazard Observations has carried out airborne-LiDAR surveys in Nepal and Myanmar. Compared to the Ground-LiDAR, the Airborne-LiDAR is suitable for large-area/regional high-resolution surveys. This technique provides real topography through ultra-high resolution, vegetation-free images of an area as large as several square kilometres.

lidar-airborne-equipment-loading_B Loading the LiDAR equipment onto the plane

LiDAr instrument installed in an aircraft for the Airborne LiDAr project in Nepal, 2015 (Source: Juniator Tulius)

Dr Juniator Tulius conducting outreach at a school during the CGO team’s ground survey for the Airbone LiDAr project in 2015 (Source: Unknown)

The CGO team, led by Dr Paramesh Banerjee, meets with Myanmar collaborators for the Airborne LiDAr project in Yangon, 2015 (Source: Juniator Tulius)

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