Professor Benjamin Horton Receives Two New Appointments

22 Apr 2021 | Awards

Author: Lauriane CHARDOT

The director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), Professor Benjamin Horton has received two new appointments.

Most recently, Prof Horton was selected to be a mentor of the Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort. Established by the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the British Council, the Climate Research Cohort comprises a unique group of 26 researchers from various disciplines and from mainly developing countries. This cohort is working towards solutions for climate-vulnerable communities in the lead-up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Professor Benjamin Horton conducting fieldwork in Indonesia with his team of researchers (Source: Earth Observatory of Singapore)

As a mentor of the Climate Research Cohort, Prof Horton will share his experience and provide new perspectives on the work produced by the cohort during the programme. He will help them identify opportunities for research that can contribute to the upcoming COP26 planned for November 2021. "Through this mentorship, I hope that I will inspire, help, and empower the cohort to design projects that are supported by science and that can make societies safer and more sustainable," he said.

Prof Horton was selected for this mentorship in recognition of his strong track record of supporting young researchers, research skills, academic accomplishments, and his experience in science communication.

It was also announced that Prof Benjamin Horton was appointed the AXA-Nanyang Professor in Natural Hazards, to drive advances in the field.

Professor Benjamin Horton, the new AXA-Nanyang Professor in Natural Hazards (Source: Earth Observatory of Singapore)

As the new AXA-Nanyang Professor in Natural Hazards, Prof Horton will significantly accelerate advances in natural hazards at EOS. Under his leadership, original and innovative initiatives related to geohazards and climate change will impact Southeast Asia and beyond.

"Being the AXA-Nanyang Professor in Natural Hazards supports EOS to generate scientific breakthroughs that meet our societal needs and improve the lives of those that live in Singapore and Southeast Asia," he said.

An AXA Chair is the premium funding scheme of the AXA Research Fund and is awarded to scientists who have demonstrated outstanding research achievements.

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