Publications authored by Mathias Vuille

Investigating delta C-13 values in stalagmites from tropical South America for the last two millennia

Valdir Felipe Novello, Angela Ampuero, Daniel O. Breecker, Francisco William da Cruz, Giselle Utida, Gustavo Macedo Paula-Santos, et al.
03/2021 Quaternary Science Reviews 255

Climate change patterns in Amazonia and biodiversity

Hai Cheng, Ashish Sinha, Augusto S. Auler, Camila C. Ribas, Fernando M. d‘Horta, Francisco W. Cruz, et al.
Nature Communications 4

Abrupt variations in South American monsoon rainfall during the Holocene based on a speleothem record from central-eastern Brazil

Nicolas M. Strikis, Augusto S. Auler, Francisco W. Cruz, Hai Cheng, Ivo Karmann, Marcos S. de Paula, et al.
Geology 39

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