Publications authored by Nicolas M. Strikis

Onset and termination of Heinrich Stadial 4 and the underlying climate dynamics

Hai Cheng, Anil K. Gupta, Ashish Sinha, Augusto S. Auler, Baoyun Zong, Christoph Spötl, et al.
2021 Communications Earth & Environment 2

Gradual South-North Climate Transition in the Atlantic Realm Within the Younger Dryas

Haiwei Zhang, Ashish Sinha, Augusto S. Auler, Carlos Pérez-Mejías, Christoph Spötl, Francisco W. Cruz, et al.
2021 Geophysical Research Letters

Last glacial and Holocene stable isotope record of fossil dripwater from subtropical Brazil based on analysis of fluid inclusions in stalagmites

Christian Millo, Francisco W. da Cruz, Hai Cheng, Hubert B. Vonhof, Michael Deininger, Nicolas M. Strikis, et al.
09/2017 Chemical Geology 468

High-resolution Holocene South American monsoon history recorded by a speleothem from Botuverá Cave, Brazil

J P. Bernal, Augusto S. Auler, C Ortega-Obregón, Francisco W. Cruz, Hai Cheng, Maria Carolina A. Catunda, et al.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 450

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